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Robin's Backyard Plant Nursery

Robin’s Backyard Plant Nursery is about growing and propagating the best perennials and garden shrubs from my very own backyard in Lambton Shores, Ontario. We also carry a variety of the best shade trees for your landscape.

Backyard plant nursery

Hi, I’m Robin Galbraith and I love gardening.

If you haven’t visited my backyard nursery yet, watch for my sales to start around the beginning of May and come for a visit or let me know you want to visit and we can set up a time to meet.

I have full sun, partial sun and shade gardens around my house so I can grow a variety of perennials and shrubs.

Want to make a suggestion of a new plant to add to what I sell? Let me know here.

The plants I don't have room to grow, I can buy from other Canadian growers.

If there is something you want that I don't have on my website, please let me know and I will do my best to get it for you.

Most of my plants are hardy to the colder Canadian winters and warmer summers but always check to make sure the plants you want to put in your garden will grow in your area.

Robin's Backyard Nursery Plants

How do I get my nursery plants and keep the price low?

I grow most of my plants from cuttings from my backyard, which means, when I prune my plants, I save the cuttings and stick them in sand. After a few weeks they develop roots, and once their roots are established enough they are ready to be potted up and will grow into beautiful plants.

Well there is a little more to it than that and if you would like to know more about growing your own plants from cuttings, contact me and I can help you start your own backyard nursery.

I have a few plants that I grow from seed, like my catnip plant and other perennials, .

A large catnip plant getting ready to flower.

Flowering Shrubs and Bushes for Your Garden

I have a variety of flowering shrubs and bushes suitable for small gardens and larger areas. Shrubs like Hydrangea plants, butterfly bushes, and a Lilac shrub are among the most popular.

Other flowering shrubs and bushes to consider that would be great for your landscape would be a weigela bush, a purple leaf sand cherry, a spirea bush or Rose of Sharon bushes.

Evergreen Trees for Year Round Interest

Evergreen trees for privacy

Evergreen trees and shrubs add something special to your landscape. If you have a small garden, most of the dwarf evergreen trees and shrubs are a great choice.

Low growing evergreen shrubs such as the Blue Rug Juniper are great for ground cover and because they lay right on top of the ground they also help keep the weeds out. They only get about 4 to 6 inches high and about 6 to 8 feet wide.

If you are looking for a privacy fence type tree, try a Juniper or Cedar. Very tall and not to wide, they make the perfect choice to stop nosy neighbours from looking into your yard or to block a view you don't want to see.

White Cedar tree Hedge for privacyWhite Cedar Trees

Small Trees for Your Landscape

There are a variety of trees you can use in your yard, including the popular choice of the Japanese Maple tree, and  narrow Cedars and Junipers trees that only get about 2 to 3 feet wide. They will add height to your garden and catch the eye of people passing by.

Other types of small ornamental trees are the Corkscrew Hazel, which has yellow or reddish catkins on twisted branches, a weeping pussy willow tree with fuzzy button-like catkins, or a small evergreen tree that only grows a couple feet tall.

You don't need a lot of room to add a small tree to your landscape but they really showcase your garden.

Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird moth collecting nectar from a butterfly bush

Check out this video of a Hummingbird moth that came to visit my plant nursery.

Identifying Garden Pests

A Japanese beetle eating a leaf with half of the leaf left. The other half is just the veins of the leaf.

If you are having problems with bugs and pests eating and killing your plants, check out my section on the most common garden pests that invade gardens, including the Japanese beetle and aphids.

Identifying garden pests can sometimes be difficult but I can help you identify and get rid of the pests that invade your gardens.

Robin's Backyard Plant Nursery

Early morning sunrise at Robin's Backyard Plant Nursery

I started Robin's backyard plant nursery around 2015 and with the help of my daughter and granddaughters, we strive to give you quality plants and excellent service. Read more about us here.

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