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The Many Varieties of the Euonymus Shrub

2 varieties of Euonymus. Top one is dark green leaves with white edges and the bottom one is bright yellow leaves with dark green in the middle

The Euonymus shrub comes in 175 different varieties which include everything from dwarf shrubs up to 15 feet tall trees and even climbing vines.

They are favoured for their attractive foliage and their stunning autumn color. Some of these plants even have unique fruit and seed pods.

They are available in a huge range of colour and size. You can get them as deciduous plants or evergreens.

Whether you need them for

  • ground cover
  • border plants
  • hedges
  • specimen plants

This shrub will have you covered.

Pruning Your Euonymus

Pruning the foliage can be done anytime to keep its shape and size but I wouldn’t cut the plant back hard until it is dormant. It will be very stressful on it if you cut it back hard when it is still in it's growing stage.

Using Them in Your Garden

There are several ways to use these shrubs in your landscape, here are a few:

  • As a hedge
  • Along a fence row or long blank wall that you want to break up
  • a single specimen plant
  • along a walkway or driveway
  • the tree varieties can be a focal point in your yard
  • climbers can grow on arbors, tree or anywhere you want it to climb

There are many types to choose from. Here are a few I have in my landscape and offer in my plant nursery:

Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’)

A Burning bush with bright red leaves in autumn.

This is a smaller version of the Burning bush shrubs but still hold the same characteristics with the bright green leaves in spring and summer and fabulous bright red leaves in the fall.

Maxing out at 8' tall and 10' wide but can be pruned to a smaller size.

Emerald n Gold (Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'n Gold')

Golden yellow leaves with dark green centers cover this emerald n gold sgrub

A moderate grower to about 2 feet tall and spreading up to 5 feet, this makes for a great ground cover plant.

Grown in full sun to full shade it's an easy shrub to care for.

Emerald Gaiety (Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety')

Leaves of dark green centers with white edges

Green and white variegated leaves maxing out around 2 - 3 feet in 10 years. Very slow growing.

Stems will root where they touch the ground and they will even climb if they have support.

Moonshadow (Euonymus fortunei 'Moonshadow')

Dark green edges surround the yellowish centers on this shrub

Deep dark green variegated leaves with yellow centers that becomes pinkish in winter; it will quickly reach 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

Use as a hedge, border or even in container gardens.

These are great choices for hedges, borders, stand alone specimens, and more with year round interest. Which one is your favourite?

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