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August Plant Sale - buy 5 plants at $6.97 get one free
August 21, 2020

August Plant Sale

August Plant Sale

ONLY for my subscribers: Buy 5 plants at $6.97 and get one free this weekend only. AND you are invited to come on Friday, August 21 to beat the crowd!

MID SUMMER SALE! 2,139 perennials, shrubs, and trees must be sold at just $6.97 each

Saturday and Sunday August 22 and 23

Robin’s Backyard Nursery
15 Arthur St.
Forest, Ont.
Just 2 blocks west of Tim Hortons
Right behind Ash’s Restaurant

Open 9:00am until 5:00pm

Just walk down the driveway and through the open gate, we will be waiting to chat with you. Have a question about your plants? Stop by and ask me. I’ll be happy to tell you what I know about your plants.

Please be considerate of others during Covid. Everything is outside; no public bathrooms. High-risk persons may contact us about private appointments available next week.

Cash, Debit or Credit.

Quantities on some items are limited and they'll go fast; first come, first served!

We even got creative in the last few weeks and made some planters for your deck! They are just inside the gate and prices vary so don’t forget to check them out!

SHRUBS for $6.97

Spireas: Bridal Wreath, Magic Carpet, Snowmound, Goldmound, Little Princess

Weigelas: Bristol Snowflake almost flowering, Minuet which is flowering, French Lace, Briant Rubidor, Red Prince - a rebloomer, Carnival also flowering, Pink Princess

Fragrant Abelia

Purple Ninebark called “Red Baron”

Purple Leaf Sandcherry

Burning Bush

Golden Mockorange


White Beautyberry

Forsythias: Kumson, Lynwood Gold, Weekend, Gold Tide

Barberry: Rose Glow, Golden

Deutzias: Fuzzy, Slender, Strawberry Fields

Miss Kim Lilacs

Harlequin Wintercreeper

Dogwood: Variegated Red Twig, Midnight Fire, Bud’s Yellow

Magnolia: Betty, Leonard Messel

Boxwoods: Green Mountain, Green Gem, Green Mound

Dartmoor Butterfly Bush – limited quantity

Hydrangeas: PeeGee, Phantom, Annabelle, Kyushu, Tardive plus a couple special ones.

Nannyberry– NATIVE to Ontario

Snowberry - NATIVE to Ontario
Golden Coralberry

Willows: Flamingo, Silver creeping, Curly, Arctic, Salix discolor

Golden Privet

Flowering Almond
Fuji Cherry
Pink Flowering Plum A.K.A. Double Flowering Almond

White cedars – NATIVE to Ontario
Little Giant Globe Cedars
Manitoba Maple Trees
Old Gold Juniper
Youngstown Juniper – Excellent for ground cover
False Cypress
Yew – NATIVE to Ontario


Blue Zinger Sedge – perfect for wet, shady areas – 12-18” tall and wide
Gray’s Sedge – 2-3 feet tall with spiked clubs – NATIVE to Ontario
Little Zebra Grass – 3-4 feet tall
Splendor Sea Thrift – 6 inches tall with pink spike flower
Hameln Fountain Grass – 3 feet tall
Sweet Flag – 3’ tall and wide
Variegated Maiden Grass

EDIBLES for $6.97

Nothing is more rewarding than picking your own berries during the summer and fall. Just ask my grandson, that's the first thing he wants to do when he comes to visit.


Siberian Crabapple Tree

Alpine Currant
Black Currants
Red Currants

Crimson And Gold Quince
Nivalis Quince
Cameo Quince

Common Elderberry
Golden Common Elderberry

Nannyberry – NATIVE to Ontario

Black Chokecherry – NATIVE to Ontario

Navaho Blackberry



Purple Iris
Yellow or White Coneflowers
Catherine Woodbury Daylily
White Butterfly Weed
Heartleaf Bergenia
Glacier English Ivy
Lamb’s Ear
Sweet Kate Spiderwort
Various Sedums

For a few dollars more and bigger plants
Quantities are limited

Japanese Rose – $9.97

Obedient Plant – Purple or White $9.97

White Foxglove with purple throats $9.97

Taiga Clematis $9.97

Rosy Azalea $9.97

Meadowsweet $9.97

Tango Weigela $9.97

Rose of Sharon: Showtime, Blushing Bride, Aphrodite $12.97

Pink Diamond Hydrangea $12.97
Greenish White Flowering Hydrangea $12.97

Hinoki Cypress Standard - $14.97
Weeping Nootka Cypress - $14.97

Don’t miss our $3.00 Table! Lots of excellent specials!

No chance we’ll run out of plants this week, but WE WILL RUN OUT OF SPECIFIC VARIETIES! Absolute no reserves. Get down here quick!

Bring your empty pots here; I will put them to work.

Saturday and Sunday August 22 and 23
Robin’s Backyard Nursery
15 Arthur St.
Forest, Ont.

Open 9:00am until 5:00pm

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