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New plants for May - Shrubs and Grasses are here.
May 21, 2021

New Shrubs and Grasses

Please bare with us as we try to get everything organized, they just came in last night.

If you want any of the following plants before we pot them, we will knock $2.00 per plant off the price.

I won't have time to check emails during the day so it's best to just show up and let us know what you would like. Thanks

Red chokeberry
Golden dwarf Japanese barberry
Concorde barberry
Rose glow barberry
Black knight butterfly bush
Petite plum butterfly bush
Pink delight butterfly bush
Royal red butterfly bush
White profusion
Green gem boxwood
Green mountain boxwood
Dark knight bluebeard
Cameo quince
Fire dance quince
Nivalis quince
Pink lady quince
Texas scarlet quince
Hummingbird summersweet
Ruby spice summersweet
Variegated Tatarian Dogwood
Bud’s yellow dogwood
cranberry cotoneaster
Coral beauty cotoneaster
Carol Mackie Daphne
Lawrence crocker daphne
Nikko deutzia
Strawberry fields deutzia
Compactus euonymus
Surespot euonymus
Coutasol forsythia
Fiesta forsythia
Blushing bride rose of Sharon
Showtime rose of Sharon
Pink giant rose of Sharon
White chiffon rose of Sharon
Annabelle hydrangea
Glowing embers hydrangea
Nikko blue hydrangea
Mariesi lace cap hydrangea
Pink diamond hydrangea
PG hydrangea
Phantom hydrangea
Preziosa hydrangea
Kalm St. Johns wort
Japanese rose
Pink cloud Beauty bush
Golden Privet
Variegated Common privet
Ann magnolia
Saucer magnolia
Royal star magnolia
Innocence mock orange
Snowbelle mock orange
Dart’s gold ninebark
Monlo ninebark
Abbotswood Potentilla
Gold star Potentilla
Purple leaf sand cherry
Dwarf flowering almond
Fuji cherry tree
Flowering almond
alpine currants
Dwarf Arctic Willow
weeping willow 'Crispa'
Flamingo willow
Dappled willow
Golden American Elderberry
Flaming mound spirea
Crisp Leaf Spirea
Goldmound spirea
Magic carpet spirea
Tinkerbelle lilac
Josee lilac
Cutleaf Lilac
Dwarf Korean Lilac
Burkwood Viburnum
fragrant viburnum
high bush cranberry
Briant Rubidor Weigela
Variegated Weigela
Pink princess Weigela
Red prince Weigela
Tango Weigela
Dense forming yew
Europe gold cedar
Black cedar
Pyramidal cedar
Emerald cedar
Techny cedar
Green giant cedar
karl forester reed grass
Elijah blue grass
Red barron grass
Little zebra grass
Red head fountain grass
Hameln grass

And if you have any old pots, we would greatly appreciate them.

We still have the following plants ready to go.

Colorado Blue Spruce trees - $9.97 – These will be the bluish silver trees that everyone loves. Currently these are between 24 and 36 inches tall

Silver Maple Trees - $12.97 – They are just starting to leaf out and about 3-4 feet tall. We also have a few more that are about 12-18 inches tall and they are $6.97 each.

Strawberry plants - $6.97 for 2 plants potted or $4.00 for one.

Seeds we just potted up and ready to go for $4.00 each:
Balloon Flowers
Purple coneflowers

New plants coming next week at $6.97 each:
White surprise Bluebeard
Annabelle Hydrangea
Great Star Hydrangea
Bridal Wreath Spirea
Candy Swirl Honeysuckle
Firecracker Goji Berry
Black Pussy Willow
Pink Pussy Willow
Naking Cherry Trees
Glamour Girl Potentilla
Strawberry plants

We also have White Pine trees $9.97 and White cedar trees $6.97

Starting May 1st we will be open 9-5 everyday.

Robin’s Backyard Nursery
15 Arthur St.
Forest, Ont.

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