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Something Very special just for you
July 06, 2021

Very Special Deal for YOU

I know it’s hot, it’s muggy and spending time in the garden can be hard to do this time of year but I have a special deal just for you!

I’m calling it the “Early Summer Deal”!

NOTE: If you haven’t heard yet we have changed our hours for the summer. We are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. And open Thursday through Monday from 10am until 4 pm.

But Before I tell you what this special deal is, know that you can still buy plants and plant them in the summer and it won’t hurt them. As long as they get some water a couple times a week they will be good.

If you prefer you can leave them in the pots until September and plant them when the weather cools off. Just water them every couple days in their pots so they don’t dry out and they will be fine.

The reason I told you this is because this deal won’t come again and it’s only for YOU because you signed up for my newsletter.

So here it is – BOGO! That’s right, buy one plant at $6.97 and get the second one FREE!

This week only; from Thursday July 8th until Monday July 12th.

Visit Robin’s Backyard Nursery, let me know you are a subscriber and every second plant you buy will be free. Buy 10 plants – get 10 plants FREE!

AND we still have thousands of plants left at $6.97, Hydrangeas, Lilacs, Rose of Sharons, Weigelas, Cedars, Boxwoods, just to name a few.

Lots of berry bushes, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Jostaberries, Quince trees, Goji Berry, Highbush Cranberries and lots more.

We also still have lots of ornamental grass including Red Head Fountain grass and Japanese Blood grass.

We also have a few very special plants for a few more dollars, Naking Cherry Bushes – excellent eating cherry $9.97, really nice looking PJM Rhododendrons with purple flowers $19.97, Very fast growing Silver Maple Trees already 4 feet tall and can grow about 7 feet a year $12.97.

You really do need to see all the plants we have left!

We are way overstocked and need to clear out a lot of plants so get here fast and get this deal before it’s over!

PJM Rhododendron

Robin’s Backyard Nursery
15 Arthur St.
Forest, Ont.

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