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New plants have arrived! Serviceberry, Chokeberry, Nannyberry and more.
April 09, 2021

New Plants have Arrived

We have just received some amazing plants. Some of these plants will sell out as soon as I announce them but I'm giving you first chance to grab them up.

Act fast or miss out!

Saskatoon Serviceberry $12.97 each. Excellent for making jams, pies and many other home bakes treats or for eating right off the bush. Can get as big as 25 feet tall.

Black Chokeberry, $12.97 each, features showy chains of fragrant white flowers hanging below the branches in mid spring. Will get up to 25 feet tall.

Nannyberry, $9.97 each, native to Ontario, a white spring flowering large shrub or small tree that gets edible berries in late summer through winter. Gets up to 20 feet tall or prune to stay a smaller size.

Meadowsweet $9.97 each, has delicate, graceful, creamy-white flowers clusters with a very strong sweet smell. Used to make medicine. 3-4 feet tall and wide. Attracts butterflies.

Red Maple Trees $12.97 each. Can grow as large as 100 feet tall. Leaves are green until fall when they turn a scarlet red.

All plants have extensive root system as you can see in the picture and should be ready later today.

As the month of April has been very mild, we are now open everyday from 10-4

Starting May 1st we will be open 9-5 everyday.

Robin’s Backyard Nursery
15 Arthur St.
Forest, Ont.

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