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An Update on offering plants from the website
April 05, 2020

Offering Plants from the Website

Due to Covid 19 we are now offering our plants from our website, Robin's Backyard Nursery

We are offering curbside store pickup and delivery. Within Forest delivery is $5.00 and Warwick, Watford, Petrolia, Wyoming, Sarnia, Grand Bend, Brights Grove, Point Edward, Camlachie will be $15.00.

As of right now if you live outside of this area, you will need to pickup your order.

I am working on getting all the plants listed for sale on the website so keep checking back for updates.

How to Order

1. When you find a plant that you would like to order, click on the green block that says view product.

2. From the popup box, if it says "Not in Stock" we won't have that plant until the beginning of May or beginning of June. If it says Add to Cart then it is in stock and can be ordered.

3. Before clicking add to cart, change the quantity to how many you would like of that plant.

4. Once you click add to cart another popup box called your cart will show. If you want to add more items to your cart before you checkout, click the X in the top right corner and continue shopping.

5. Your cart will show a small picture in the middle of the right hand side. You can click it to checkout at any time.

6. Once you click checkout, on the screen that shows, choose your payment method and fill out the information.

7. On the next screen choose your shipping method. At this time I am not shipping plants but you have the choice of store pickup, delivery in Forest or delivery outside of Forest to within about 30 minutes of Forest.

8. On the payment screen, choose how you want to pay and complete your order. You will receive a confirmation email and your order will be sent to me to complete.

If at any time you have any questions you can contact me through the website, Robin's Backyard Nursery or give me a call at 519-466-9015 and I can help you.

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