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Huge Summer Plant Sale at Robin's Backyard Nursery
July 22, 2020

Huge Summer Plant Sale

Huge Plant Sale

Saturday and Sunday July 25 and 26

Robin’s Backyard Nursery
15 Arthur St.
Forest, Ont.

Open 9:00am until 5:00pm

For Subscribers Only:
Come anytime this week to get the limited quantity plants and to beat the weekend rush!

Quantities on some items are limited and they'll go fast; first come, first served!

Have a question about your plants? Stop by and ask me. I’ll be happy to tell you what I know about your plants.

Please be considerate of others during Covid. Everything is outside; no public bathrooms. High-risk persons may contact us about private appointments available next week.

Cash, Debit, Credit or e-transfer.

Lots of specials going on!

$4.97 SPECIALS All Spireas, Weigelas and Elderberries!
Bridal Wreath Spirea
Magic Carpet Spirea
Snowmound Spirea
Goldmound Spirea
Little Princess Spirea
Meadowsweet – NATIVE to Ontario

Variegated Weigela
Bristol Snowflake Weigela
Minuet Weigela
French Lace Weigela
Cappuccino Weigela
Tango Weigela
Briant Rubidor Weigela
Red Prince Weigela
Carnival Weigela
Pink Princess Weigela

Common Elderberries – NATIVE to Ontario
Golden Common Elderberries
Red Berried Elderberry – NATIVE to Ontario


Russian Sage
Bee Balm
Red Hot Pokers
Purple Iris
Red Blanket Flower
Autumn Joy Sedum
Blue Spruce Stonecrop
Munstead Red Sedum

Creeping Phlox
Corel Bells
Creeping Buttercup

SHRUBS for $6.97
Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle
Purple Leaf Sandcherry
Burning Bush

Golden Mockorange
Miniature Snowball Mockorange

Rockspray Cotoneaster
Bearberry Cotoneaster

Kumson Forsythia
Weekend Forsythia
Lynwood Gold Forsythia

Rose Glow Barberry
Golden Barberry

Strawberry Fields Deutzia
Fuzzy Deutzia
Slender Deutzia

Cutleaf Lilac

Harlequin Wintercreeper

Bud's Yellow Dogwood
Midwinter Fire Dogwood

Susan Magnolia
Leonard Messel Magnolia
Betty Magnolia

Green Mountain Boxwood
Green Gem Boxwood
Green Mound Boxwood

Old Gold Juniper

Dense Forming Yew – NATIVE to Ontario

PG Hydrangea
Pink Diamond Hydrangea
Phantom Hydrangea
Annabelle Hydrangea
Tardiva Hydrangea
Brussels Lace Hydrangea
Kyushu Hydrangea

Nannyberry Viburnum – NATIVE to Ontario

Snowberry - NATIVE to Ontario

Abbotswood Potentilla

Flamingo Willow
Silver Creeping Willow
Curly Willow
Blue Leaf Arctic Willow

Golden Privet

English Ivy

Flowering Almond

Fuji Cherry
Pink Flowering Plum
Wintergreen Cedar

White cedars – NATIVE to Ontario

Gray’s Sedge – 2-3 feet tall with spiked clubs – NATIVE to Ontario
Little Zebra Grass – 3-4 feet tall
Splendens Sea Thrift – 6 inches tall with pink spike flower
Blue Fescue – 8-12 inches tall
Hameln Fountain Grass – 3 feet tall
Red Head Fountain Grass – 3 feet tall
Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass – 5-6 feet tall

EDIBLES for $6.97
Siberian Crabapple
Alpine Currant
Crimson And Gold Quince
Nivalis Quince
Cameo Quince
Black Chokecherry – NATIVE to Ontario

For a few dollars more:
Rosy Lights Azalea - $9.97
Witch Hazel – great small tree for shady area - $9.97 – NATIVE to Ontario
Hinoki Cypress Standard - $14.97
Weeping Nootka Cypress - $14.97
Elliott Blueberries - $9.97
Japanese Silver Maiden Grass – grows 10-12 feet tall - $14.97

Don’t miss out on these summer specials!

Robin’s Backyard Nursery
15 Arthur St.
Forest, Ont.

Open 9:00am until 5:00pm

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