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May and June 9-5 everyday.

July and August - Thursday - Monday 10-4. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

15 Arthur St. Forest, Ont.

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About Robin's Backyard Nursery

Gardening is a passion, one that many people share. It’s relaxing, healthy and rewarding. 

It brings such happiness and joy to see a monarch butterfly collecting the nectar from the flower clusters of a butterfly bush or the honey bees and bumble bees gathering on a Blue Mist Spirea or Bluebeard plant.

Backyard full of potted plants with deck and house in the background

Hi and welcome to Robin’s Backyard Nursery. I’m Robin Galbraith, owner, webmaster and self-taught gardening expert who began propagating plants several years ago. 

I don’t have any degrees in horticulture or any certificates in the gardening area, but what I do have is years and years of experience. Through trial and many errors I have learned how to make beautiful, healthy plants.

Entrance through open gate to Robin's Backyard Nursery with potted plants in the background

What are we all about?

Robin’s Backyard Nursery is a plant nursery run out of my backyard specializing in young plants. Young meaning they were clipped from the mother plant 1 or 2 years ago or grown from seed over the winter.

Over the past couple of years my granddaughters, Becca Mackenzie and Ryleigh started helping out and eventually my daughter, Tiffany joined in. Even my 2 yr old granddaughter Chloe joined in to help pot up the plants and seeds.

My granddaughters help with potting the rooted cuttings, weeding the gardens, and a few other jobs that need to be done. 

My daughter is the organizer. She organizes the potted plants and does a lot of the heavy lifting. Robin’s Backyard Plant Nursery wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for the help I receive from them.

Robin's Backyard Plant Nursery 2017
Robin's Backyard Plant Nursery 2018
Robin's Backyard Plant Nursery 2019

How It All Began

Shortly after we bought our house, I was watching some YouTube videos and came across some videos from a guy in the States wearing bib coveralls that was showing his audience how to propagating plants. After watching a few of his videos I thought it looked like fun and wanted to try it.

I went outside and took clippings off of an evergreen plant that was growing in our yard. I planted them in a pot with some dirt and covered them with a white plastic bag. After a few weeks they rooted and I was hooked.

I wanted to try more and for that I needed to grow them from plants that I knew the names of.

So I went out and bought my first shrub; a beautiful red twig dogwood. 

After taking some cutting from it and having them root, I was very excited. I had just made my own plants!

That was several years ago and I have learned so much since then but I love making baby plants and sharing my joy for plants with other plant lovers.

If you would like to become a backyard grower and maybe earn a few extra dollars selling the baby plants you grow, please feel free to contact me. I would love to share my knowledge with you.

Robin's Backyard Nursery's little helper
Robin's Backyard Nursery's little helpers
Business card for Robin's Backyard Nursery 15 Arthur St. Forest Ontario

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