About Robin's
Backyard Nursery

About Robin's Backyard Nursery

Robin's Backyard Nursery is all about the plants I grow in our backyard. From small trees and dwarf evergreens to flowering shrubs and ornamental grasses, I offer top quality plants at great prices.

Hi! I'm Robin Galbraith and I started my nursery a few years ago because of my love for plants. I love adding new plants to my gardens and thought other gardeners would like to do the same. So I want to add beauty to everyone's landscape at affordable prices.

About My Plants

Getting plants ready for our plant sale

I first started by taking a few cuttings from shrubs in our backyard that I knew the names of. I took those cuttings and stuck them in sand to root. After a few weeks they were ready to plant in our garden to use as stock plants.

Now year after year we can take more cutting from all the stock plants we have to make more baby plants.

My Experience

I don't have a degree in horticulture but because of my love for plants and with all my years experience with gardening; I have learned what makes a beautiful plant and how to keep it looking fresh and lively.

Now I am teaching my daughter and grandchildren everything I know so they can be part of our nursery.

If you would like to become a backyard grower and maybe earn a few extra dollars selling the baby plants you grow, please feel free to contact me. I would love to share my knowledge with you.

My new garden for more stock plants
Berry plants in large fiber pots

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