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About Robin's Backyard Nursery

Backyard full of potted plants with deck and house in the background

About Robin’s Backyard Plant Nursery. I’m Robin Galbraith and I started my backyard plant nursery a few years ago.

I have always loved plants.

I love being in the garden and watching the plants come to life in the spring and when I can add new plants to my gardens it’s always feels special.

It wasn’t until my husband and I bought our house in the fall of 2015 that I was able to really explore gardening.

The house we bought already had gardens surrounding the house and I loved the thought of being out in the gardens tending to the plants. I couldn’t wait until spring to start gardening.

Propagation by Cuttings

Entrance through open gate to Robin's Backyard Nursery with potted plants in the background

In about April of the following year I was looking on YouTube and came across a video of a guy in bib coveralls showing how to propagate plants and how to make a little extra cash from them.

After watching that video I was hooked. I knew I could do this and it would be fun.

I went out and bought my first shrub. A beautiful red twig dogwood. 

After taking some cutting from it and having them root, I was very excited. I had just made my own plants!

I have learned a lot since then, mostly from trial and error but I love making baby plants and find it very rewarding.

Over the next couple of years my granddaughters started helping out and eventually my daughter joined in.

My granddaughters help with potting the rooted cuttings, weeding the gardens, and a few other jobs that need to be done. 

My daughter is the organizer. She organizes the potted plants and does a lot of the heavy lifting. Robin’s Backyard Plant Nursery wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for the help I receive from them.

Robin's Backyard Plant Nursery 2017
Robin's Backyard Plant Nursery 2018
Robin's Backyard Plant Nursery 2019

About My Experience

I don't have a degree in horticulture but because of my love for plants and with all my years experience with gardening; I have learned what makes a beautiful plant and how to keep it looking fresh and lively.

Now I am teaching my daughter and grandchildren everything I know so they can be part of our nursery.

If you would like to become a backyard grower and maybe earn a few extra dollars selling the baby plants you grow, please feel free to contact me. I would love to share my knowledge with you.

Robin's Backyard Nursery's little helper
Robin's Backyard Nursery's little helpers
Business card for Robin's Backyard Nursery 15 Arthur St. Forest Ontario

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