Berry Plants and Other Edibles

The Best Berries are the Ones Grown From Home

Lots of Gooseberries growing on this plant

Start a backyard permaculture with these berry plants and other edibles that are perfect for growing at home.

From blueberries and strawberries to gooseberries and rhubarb, growing berries and other edible fruits and vegetables is a healthy way to live.

Common Berry Plants

With these berries you can have fresh fruit at your fingertips.

Strawberries (Fragaria × ananassa)

Ripe red strawberries hanging from the vine of a strawberry plant

Growing Strawberries in your backyard is easy and fun.You can grow them in your garden or in a container. 

They like at least 6 hours of full sun for best berry production. 

Blueberries (Cyanococcus)

Clusters of blueberries hanging from Blueberry plants

Growing Blueberries is a great way to have fresh fruit for pies, jams, muffins and lots more.

Planted in full sun, they will give you lots of berries for eating.

Blackberries (Rubus)

3 large juicy blackberries hanging from a blackberry plant

Navaho Thornless Blackberries - growing upright to about 4 or 5 feet, this thornless blackberry bush produces lots of delicious large berries which are great for pies, cobbler or eating right off the plant.

It loves full sun and will attract lots of pollinators to your garden.

Raspberry (Rubus)

Large ripe raspberries hanging from a raspberry plant

Raspberries are easy to grow. With full sun and moist soil that is mulched to keep in the moisture and prevent weeds from developing, you will have great success with them.

Elderberries (Sambucus)

A large cluster of black elderberries dangling from the stem of an elderberry bush

Grow an elderberry bush for fresh berries all season long. It has bright white flowers in spring followed by delicious purple or black berries.

Berry Plants with Health Benefits

I chose these berries because of their amazing health benefits. All 3 are high in Vitamins,  antioxidants, and essential minerals that you need and can be grown in your backyard. 

Gooseberries (Ribes grossularia)

Ripe reddish coloured Gooseberries covering a gooseberry plant.

Gooseberries (Ribes hirtellum) - A fast growing shrub with edible berries that have a lot of health benefits. Delicious in jams, pies or eating fresh off the shrub, they are worth growing.

Jostaberries (Ribes × nidigrolaria)

Large purple jostaberries on the stem of a jostaberry plant.

Jostaberry (Ribes × nidigrolaria) - A cross between a black currant and a gooseberry, this thornless fruit is tasty in jams, pies, ice cream and more.

Seaberries (Hippophae rhamnoides)

Clusters of small orange berries cover this sea buckthorn plant

Seaberries (also known as sea buckthorn) have many health benefits including promoting heart health, boosting your immune system, protecting against diabetes and more.

They do have small thorns on them but they are worth growing.

Other Edibles

Making a rhubarb pie from freshly cut rhubarb is all possible when growing edible plants in your yard.

Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum)

stalks of red stemmed rhubarb growing in the ground

Rhubarb - Besides being healthy for you because it's full of antioxidants, fiber and vitamin K, it makes great jam, pies, and other sweet desserts.

It's also a fun vegetable to grow.

Quince (Chaenomeles x superba)

Bright red flowers on the branch of a Quince bush

Growing to about 5' tall and wide it produces blossoms in the spring followed by the edible fruit. Cooking the fruit first is best as they can be tough to chew when eaten raw.

Planting 2 varieties will give you better fruiting then just one by itself.

Ready to start your backyard permaculture? Visit Robin's Backyard Nursery for your berry plants and other edibles.

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