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Deterring outdoor cats

by Kelly

Any suggestions on deterring outdoor cats from my backyard? I've heard Lavender but anything else they dont really like? Any other suggestions would be great, non harming just deter. Thank you

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Jun 16, 2019
Robin's Reply To Deter Cats
by: Robin

Deterring Cats

Hi Kelly
There are a number of things you can do to deter cats from your backyard but you need to know why they are entering your yard.

Are they getting into your garbage? If so make it so they can’t get at it. Keep it in the garage or in a garbage bin that locks.

Wash away any smell of cat urine you detect. The smell of urine will keep the cat coming back.

If you have mice or other small rodents the cat could be coming back to chase them. Try and clean up any areas that you think might be a good hiding place for rodents.

Do you have bird feeders? The cats could be coming to chase the birds. Keep the feeders in an area that the cats can’t get to and use a feeder baffle.

If they are getting into your gardens lavender is one way to deter cats but you can also use Lemon grass, citronella, the herb Rue, and eucalyptus. They all look great around the yard but cats don’t like the smell they give off.

Mulching your gardens and around plants with coffee grinds and/or citrus fruit peels such as orange or lemon peels, will help to keep cats away. You can also mulch your garden with stones. Keeping the soil covered with stop them from using it as a toilet.

You can also lay chicken wire on the ground around your plants and place rocks or something heavy to way it down and lightly cover it with soil. That will stop them from digging as they won’t be able to dig through the wire.

You can use something called a scarecrow sprinkler which when it detects movement in your garden it will fire a blast of water at the moving object. This will also work on rabbits and other pests in your garden. You can get them at Canadian Tire and home hardware or online at Amazon.ca.

I hope these suggestions help to deter the cats from your backyard.

Robin G.

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