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Get Rid Of Earwigs in Your Garden

Earwig control for your yard

Get rid of earwigs in your garden naturally.

Get rid of earwigs in your garden.

Although these creepy looking insects do have some beneficial characteristics, like eating aphids and maggots, they will also eat your flowers, vegetables and plants.

Because of the beneficial aspects, I would recommend that until they start eating your flowers and plants, just let them be. They do help keep a natural balance in your garden.

Once they do become a problem, getting rid of them is easy enough to do but you do have to be persistent until you can get them under control.

During the day you will find them hiding in damp locations like under rocks or in wood piles as eating wood is also in their diet.


Get Rid Of Earwigs Naturally

Earwig control in your yard.

The easiest way to get rid of earwigs is to place a shallow container like a tuna can or a cream cheese container in your garden buried half way to make it easier for them to enter and fill it with a mixture of vegetable or olive oil and soy sauce. They are attracted to the soy sauce and will climb in and the oil keeps them from getting out.

  • If you have a dog or cat that you don’t want to get into the oil, you can put holes in the lid of a covered container big enough for the them to enter so your pets don’t disturb it.

Make a bird friendly yard as the birds will prey on earwigs. Toads will also eat the them.

Make a short “tunnel” for them to crawl into during the day. This can be made out of damp newspaper, about a one foot piece of garden hose, or something similar in shape. In the morning you can shake the pests into a soapy mixture and they will die.

There are other ways to get rid of earwigs like using a vinegar and water mixture or an alcohol and water mixture and spraying it directly on the earwigs.

And there are always chemicals you can try but I like to stay away from them.

Getting rid of earwigs isn't hard to do but you do need to be persistent if you want to control them.

Getting rid of earwigs in your garden

Interesting Facts About Earwigs

  • Their pincers are used in mating to tell the difference between male and female, whereas the male’s pincers are long and curved and the females are short and straight.
  • According to Farmers Almanac, they get their name because the back legs are shaped like a human ear.
  • They have wings and can fly but rarely do.
  • It’s only a myth that they will burrow in through your ear and cause any damage.
  • They also use their pincers as a protective defence and catch their prey with them.

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