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Need ideas for my Dry Shade Garden

by Tanya

I would like to know what the best plants for my front garden are. I would like to add some colour so flowering plants would be great.

It is shaded by a very large tree and the roots are all through the garden so it is usually dry.

Are there any plants that will flower in a shady area?

Robin's Answer

There are a lot of shade garden ideas you can use for your garden.

I have a similar situation where I have a large Maple tree in front of my house causing my front garden to be shaded most of the day. It gets about 2 hours of sun just before the sun sets.

In my garden I have tall striped grass (about 6 feet tall), Hostas, a Cotoneaster ground cover, Day lilies, coral bells and I plan on adding 1 or 2 Hydrangeas, and an Astilbe. I also have a red Japanese maple in the corner of my garden.

Other plants you can add are:
• Ferns
• Toad lily
• Phlox
• Lily-of-the-valley
• Bleeding hearts
• Euphorbia
• Dahlia

There are also some annuals that you can add as well, like:
• Impatiens
• Begonia
• Coleus
• Fuchsia
• Sweet Potato Vine

Other things for shade garden ideas are arbours which will add some height to your shade garden, rocks, ornamental features such as fountains and statues, or small wooden or cement benches.

Adding plants in containers to your shade garden is also something you could do. If adding annuals to the container you could bring them inside for the winter and put them back outside next spring.

Something else to think about is adding a watering system to your garden. If it gets really dry you might have to water it a couple times a week during the summer. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money just run a soaker hose through it.

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