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Flowering Ornamental Trees:
Discovering their Beauty

Flowering Ornamental Trees: Discovering Their Beauty

I love flowering ornamental trees. 

I have several growing around my yard. They give something special to the landscape that larger shade trees just can't give.

Adding flowering ornamental trees to your landscape will dramatically change the appearance of your home.

They come in a range of sizes from 4' up to around 25' so you can put them in any size yard. You can even grow them in containers if you don't want to put them in the ground.

In containers you can set them on your deck or patio to enjoy the  blooms in spring and when they leaf out you will have shade for the hot summer months.

Growing Ornamental Trees in Containers

I grow many of my shorter varieties in containers.

One reason I do this is to control their height. I don’t want them to get too large and in a container the size will be limited.

One thing I do to keep the plant looking healthy is ever 3-4 years, when the tree is dormant, it will need to be root pruned so it doesn’t get root bound in the pot.

Root pruning is the same as pruning the top. Take the tree out of the container sometime between mid November and mid April and prune the roots just enough so that the roots are not going to wrap around the pot.

If you do keep them in containers you can set them on your deck or patio to enjoy the blooms in spring and the shade they will cast during the summer months.

Below are the ones that I offer in my plant nursery. Come for a visit in the spring and enjoy their beauty.

Tree Varieties

Pink Flowering Almond (Prunus Glandulosa)

Pink Flowering Almond (Prunus Glandulosa)

Adding this small (4-5' tall and wide) pink flowering almond will be breath-taking when it's in bloom in early spring.

These flowering almonds like regular pruning after they are done blooming to enhance better flowers for next year.

They are great in containers on your deck or patio and can be a little drought tolerant once they are older.

Double Pink Flowering Plum (Prunus triloba)

Double Pink Flowering Plum (Prunus triloba)

Growing 10-15' tall, this ornamental plum tree blooms in late spring and really puts on a show.

It's a good container plant or mass planting, it's drought tolerant once established but also thrives in moist well drained soil along with clay or sandy soil.

It sometimes produces small non-showy fruit

Fuji Cherry (Prunus incisa)

Fuji Cherry (Prunus incisa)

Having incredible zigzag branches with green leaves turning maroon in the fall, an ornamental cherry tree blooms single pinkish white flowers with pink centers in early spring and produces edible fruit in autumn.

It will grow 7-8' tall in many different soil types, including clay and sand and will look absolutely stunning in any landscape.. 

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

Beautiful pinkish purple flowers in spring, this fast growing (12-24" per year) Eastern Redbud will get 20-30' tall and wide.

It loves full sun but can tolerate part sun. Being a native to Ontario it can handle different soil conditions including clay soil. It can also grow around black walnuts and the deer tend to stay away from it.

Magnolia Tree (Magnoliaceae)

Magnolia Tree (Magnoliaceae)

Everyone wants one of these ornamental trees in their yard. In spring when they start to flower they really stand out. 

Growing to about 15' tall, these magnolias will thrive in full sun.





Leonard Messel


Sand Cherry (Prunus × cistena)

Sand Cherry (Prunus × cistena)

Adding colour to your garden with the purple leaves and the springtime pinkish flowers. This low maintenance garden tree can be grown in full sun or part shade.

It will grow to about 7' tall and wide

Tree Lilac (Syringa reticulata)

Tree Lilac (Syringa reticulata)

The lilac tree flowers in late spring to early summer and fills your yard with it's magnificent aroma.

It can get up to about 25' so you might want to trim it right after it flowers. It loves full sun but can handle part shade.

Serviceberry Trees (Amelanchier)

Serviceberry Trees (Amelanchier)

Serviceberries are great for a larger yard as they do tend to sucker but they are worth growing for their incredible fall berries. They are perfect for syrups, pies, jams and a lot more.

They will grow 10' or more and are amazing with the spring blooms. They love full sun but can handle light shade and just about any soil conditions.

Smoke Bush (Cotinus coggygria)

Smoke Bush (Cotinus coggygria)

An absolute amazing ornamental tree or large shrub with the medium size round foliage and "puffs-of-smoke" when it's in bloom.

It will grow about 10-15' tall and wide in full sun but can be pruned to stay smaller.

Quince Tree (Chaenomeles x superba)

Quince Tree (Chaenomeles x superba)

Blooming in the spring gives way to edible fruit that is ripe late fall. The fruit has a very aromatic sweet smell which is addicting.

They are the perfect size for growing in your backyard as they only get about 5' tall when mature.

Read more about the flowering Quince here.

Planting Flowering Ornamental Trees

If you want to add flowering ornamental trees to your yard, here are some things to think about.

  • how big or small do you want it compare it to the size of your yard
  • where in your yard do you will put it, close to the house or in the center of your yard.
  • what type of tree you want to grow - do you want blooms in spring, fall colour, winter interest
  • is it full sun or shade

If planting near your house or a building, you will want a tree with shallow roots that won't interfere with the foundation. Japanese Maples, Rose of Sharon, weeping Redbuds are all good for planting near foundations.

Keep these things in mind when finding the perfect tree and location and you will have a very happy specimen.

Ornamental Tree Pruning

Ornamental tree pruning is best done when the tree is dormant. However, if it's the middle of summer and you notice your tree is shooting out a few branches that you don’t like, prune it. It won’t hurt the tree.

During winter is when you want to do the heavy pruning. When the tree is dormant and loses all its leaves you can see inside the tree better and can decide on what you want to remove.

To keep the tree in good health you will want to open up the inside to get the air circulating. Prune out any small branches that are growing into the middle of the tree and any branches that are to low or that you just don’t like.

Good air circulation will:

  • Improve flowers and fruit
  • Extend life
  • Help decrease changes of diseases on the tree

It will also want to remove any diseased, dead or damaged branches.

You will also want to remove any branches that cross each other. If the branches rub against each other they will cause an open sore when disease can enter.

Lastly you will want to prune your ornamental tree into the shape that you have in your head. The shape that you think is perfect for your tree.

When you are done and the tree is dormant, you should be able to look up into the tree and see a good view of the sky. That will mean the canopy of the tree is opened up enough for good air circulation.

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