Weigela florida

Attract Pollinators to Your Garden
Plant a Weigela Bush

Large clusters of pinkish white flowers covering this variegated leaf weigela bush

If your looking for flowers that attract pollinators this is it. Weigela florida bushes add texture and colour to your landscape.

Planted in well drained soil and a sunny location they will give you great pleasure with all the blooms that emerge in late spring and early summer. They can tolerate partial shade but flower best in full sun.

Weigelas are moderate growers with a dense compact roundish shape that can be planted as a stand alone specimen shrub or mass planted for a nice hedge.

Pruning Weigela

No need to remove spent flowers as it will keep blooming well into the fall.

If these shrubs are not pruned, they form a graceful arching habit towards the ground.

If you do prune them do so right after flowering as they bloom on old wood. The longer you wait to prune them means you could lose blooms for next year. 

Uses in the landscape

Here are a few ways to use these amazing shrubs in your landscape

  • container plants
  • single yard specimen 
  • plant at the corner of your house
  • makes a great hedge
  • along a fence or deck
  • plant a few of them along a wall to break it up
  • attracts hummingbirds and pollinators

Varieties of Weigela florida

Below are the different variety that I grow and propagate. 

These bushes are low maintenance and have no serious disease or insect problems. They are also said to be deer resistance. 

Applying mulch around the these plants will help prevent weeds and also help to keep moisture in as they like moist, well drained soil.

Red Prince (W. florida 'Red Prince'

Weigela Red Prince with rosy-red flowers and bright green leaves

This shrub gets a reddish bell shaped flower with bright green leaves. It's one of the bigger shrubs of this type maxing out at 5-6 feet tall and wide.

It’s a moderate growing compact shrub that hummingbirds and butterflies love.

Tango (W. florida 'Tango')

Tango Weigela. Dark purplish leaves and redish pink flowers

It has dark greenish purple leave with cherry red bell-shaped flowers and will only grow to about 2-3 feet tall and wide.

Flowers best in full sun but will tolerate some light shade. Hummingbirds and butterflies love this shrub.

Variegated (W. florida 'Variegata Nana')

This gorgeous shrub  has green leaves with yellow edges and rosy pink blooms starting in late spring and into the summer. It grows to about 4' high and 5' wide.

Plant in full sun for best flowering. Butterflies and hummingbirds love this shrub.

Minuet (W. florida 'Minuet')

Minuet Weigela has stunning pinkish flowers

This is another variety on the smaller size only growing to 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

With greenish purple leaves and pinkish flowers, it will attract lots of pollinators to your garden, including hummingbirds and butterflies.

Bristol Snowflake (W. florida 'Bristol Snowflake')

White bell-shaped flowers and green leaves

Growing 4' tall and wide, this deer resistant shrub would fit in nicely in a white garden.

White bell-shaped flowers tinged in pink will attract hummingbirds to you landscape.

French Lace (W. florida 'Brigela')

Bright pink flower buds and dark pink blooms with a hint of white with variegated green leaves with yellow edges

Variegated green leaves edged in lime yellow with bright pink flower buds and dark pink blooms is a real show-stopper in the garden.

Growing 6' tall and 4' wide it will look great in any landscape.


Cappuccino (Weigela florida 'Cappuccino®')

Light pink bell-shaped flowers on the stems of a branch with olive green leaves

Leaves are a yellowish green in spring turning to a yellowish bronze in fall with pink bell-shaped flowers in spring.

Grows to about 3 plus feet tall and wide.

Not in the Weigela florida family but definitely worth mentioning and one I do offer in my plant nursery.

Briant Rubidor Weigela (W. 'Olympiade' BRIANT RUBIDOR)

Brilliant reddish pink bell-shaped flowers cover the bright yellowish gold leaves

Bright golden leaves and reddish bell shaped flowers makes this an excellent chose for any landscape.

Grows to 5-8' tall and a slightly larger width.

Weigela florida will look awesome in any landscape with it's continuous blooms all summer long.

Keep checking back as I just might be adding another of these special plants to my landscape.

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